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Preliminary Plat / McDonough - Section 1, Wells Township


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Meeting History

Sep 7, 2017 6:30 PM  Planning Commission PC Regular Meeting

Conditions of Approval

1. Final plat shall be submitted for approval within six months of preliminary plat approval.

2. A development agreement addressing all public improvements shall be submitted with the final plat application.

3. Information showing septic system compliance and replacement areas on each lot shall be submitted with the final plat.

Zoning Administrator Trent McCorkell (TM) presented the request to the Planning Commission (PC)

MS - how does the B & B Manufacturing business get platted in with the new?

TM - the plat boundary extends down to contain the business and a farm building.

PB - zoned urban reserve industrial - do we need to talk with City of Faribault?

TM - no special requirement due to the zoning district, our notices and agenda are sent to the City of Faribault. No comments received at this point.

TS - is this is a preliminary plat - need final plat?

TM - yes, need to come back with final plat - if changes needed they will have to submit another preliminary plat.

The PC asked the applicant, Tom McDonough (TM), to come forward to add comments or answer questions regarding the request.

Troy Zabinski (TZ) spoke on behalf of Tom McDonough

TZ - no additions to presentation.

Chair Sammon opened the public testimony portion of the item to the public and no one spoke:

Chair Sammon closed the public testimony portion of the item to the public.


PB - we have 3 conditions with final plat to be submitted within 6 months with development agreement, no issues.

TS - pretty straight forward

Motion to recommend approval with stated conditions and findings made, seconded, and approved.

MOVER:Preston Bauer, Vice Chair
SECONDER:Charlie Peters
AYES:Michael Streiff, Preston Bauer, Tom Sammon, Charlie Peters
ABSENT:Joe Horejsi
Sep 26, 2017 8:30 AM  Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Steve Bauer, County Board Member
SECONDER:Galen Malecha, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer
ABSENT:Jeff Docken