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Amendment to Conditional Use Permit / Scribner - Section 11, Webster Township


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Meeting History

Sep 7, 2017 6:30 PM  Planning Commission PC Regular Meeting

Conditions of Approval

1. The applicant is to follow all Federal, State, County and Local rules and regulations.

2. The Conditional Use Permit is for a liquefied petroleum (LP) (propane) gas distribution service business. Onsite activities shall consist of cleaning, repair, storage and filling of propane cylinders. Changes to the business are not permitted without approval of a new/amended permit.

3. Outside business storage shall consist of a bulk propane (LP) storage tank, small (100 lb size and smaller) LP cylinders, storage of 500-1000 gallon LP tanks, LP tank storage equipment, five (5) LP delivery trucks, and up to sixteen (16) employee vehicles.

4. Outside business storage shall be screened to neighboring properties and roadway by storing items on the south, east, and west sides of the existing agricultural building and proposed new building. A combination of tree planting and earthen berm shall be established and maintained on the north and east sides of the outdoor areas to provide screening, to neighboring property’s and roadways, similar to that provided by the current onsite tree screening.

5. Total onsite LP tank storage shall consist of one (1) bulk storage tank, up to 30,000 gallon capacity, up to thirty (30) 500 to 1,000 gallons LP tanks, and up to 5,000 LP cylinders of up to 100lb size or less.

6. Driveway usage shall not exceed 50 round trip business trips per day.

7. No onsite retail sales.

8. Proof of compliance with applicable state/federal/local rules and regulations shall be submitted to the Rice County Environmental Services Department upon request.

9. All vehicles and trailers stored/parked outside shall be operable and have a current license.

10. Only business equipment owned or leased by the onsite business shall be stored on the site.

11. All buildings shall meet building code for the intended use.

12. Failure to comply with conditions may result in revocation of the Conditional Use Permit.

Zoning Administrator Trent McCorkell (TM) presented the request to the Planning Commission (PC).

TM - one less condition than current CUP conditions in place.

PB - any issues regarding compliance to current cup?

TM - applicant has chosen to build new building rather than try to meet the codes for the use in the old building.

TM - the previous condition that has been met and is not needed in this CUP is the septic compliance from the current cup.

The PC asked the applicant, Jason Scribner (JS), to come forward to add comments or answer questions regarding the request.

JS- due to code requirements need new building, 100% steel building all non-combustible, he would like to change condition # 3 - storage of tanks as they are getting into bulk home propane deliveries and need to store large bulk tanks.

TM - he checked the ordinances and standards and it will be ok to amend condition.

PB - questioned the quantity of storage - what size tanks are needed?.

JS - 500 to 1000 gal tanks.

PB - how many? outside storage?

JS - yes, approx 29 tanks to be stored by new building which will have a berm around it and trees on top.

PB- what do you need for bulk storage? up to 30,000?

JS - 30,000 gallon sufficient for now.

TS- where are you storing these bulk tanks?.

JS- back behind the building to the north - the berm will be blocking a good portion of the storage tanks.

TS - can we add this amendment, is it within the standards?

TM - should not be an issue to add, need to change conditions # 3 and #5. Still will need to meet state and federal requirements.

MS - 30 tanks would be good number - up to 500 to 1000 gallon tanks.

JS - comfortable with that number.

Chair Sammon opened the public testimony portion of the item to the public and the following spoke:

Chuck Rud - from Webster Township Board - no problem at all.

Chair Sammon closed the public testimony portion of the item to the public.


PB- good to see business growing.

MS - made motion to approve with 12 conditions and amended conditions # 3 & # 5.

Motion to recommend approval with stated conditions and revising conditions #3 & #5 and findings made, seconded, and approved.

MOVER:Michael Streiff
SECONDER:Preston Bauer, Vice Chair
AYES:Michael Streiff, Preston Bauer, Tom Sammon, Charlie Peters
ABSENT:Joe Horejsi
Sep 26, 2017 8:30 AM  Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Galen Malecha, County Board Member
SECONDER:Dave Miller, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer
ABSENT:Jeff Docken