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Parcel Fabric Funding Request


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  3. Bruce Harris Parcel Fabric 6-23-2017

Financial Impact

Funding for this project is proposed to come from the Recorder's Compliance Fund. No additional funds needed.

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Meeting History

Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Dave Miller, County Board Member
SECONDER:Jeff Docken, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer, Jeff Docken


Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of CommissionersRegular Meeting

8:47 AMJust wanted to go to the lastpage and discuss some of thefinancing. So we're requesting $44,824, and we're looking at splitting thatup in payments. 20% we'd be taking out of thecompliance fund this year, if it's approved, and then 30%would be paid in april, and thenthe remaining 50% would be atthe completion of the project. So if there isn't specificquestions, I guess, at thistime on behalf o the committee,i'd just like to request a motion to approve use ofcompliance funds in the amountof $44,824 to complete thisparcel fabric project.
8:48 AMSo moved.>> second.>> i've got a motion bycommissioner miller and a second by Commissioner Docken. And are there any questions?and Commissioner Malecha, you'vegot the floor.

8:48 AMSure.do you want to explain -- andobviously we can read where itcomes from, but do you want to explain to everybody whatcompliance funds are and wherethey come from?
Sure. the compliance funds are moneythat -- basically statutes setforth that are collected witheach recorded document. I'm thinking it's either $10 or$11.
8:49 AM$11.>> $11.
So that money is put into afund, and it's basicallydesigned for special projects,kind of like this. the statute actually doesn'tallow us to use that money forroutine operations. So I think we've done a nice job limiting the amount of moneywe've been drawing from thatfund over the last couple years. So it's going to allow us to do projects like this more andmore.
So I guess that's probablywhy we haven't heard the compliance fund as he set it.it's been that long since it'sbeen brought up.
We've been drawing our imaging through the[ indistinct ]. We take out about $23,000 a yearfor that with basically a zero-interest loan frompictometry, so that's worked outwell.
8:50 AMHow long is it going to take you to complete this, then?an estimate?
Well, they're looking atmaybe March or april. we're kind of strategicallyplanning to do some of this workthis winter, because we won't beable to get into a lot of data for maybe a month. So we won't -- we'll be limitedin some of the updates thatwe're going to be able to do over that time. And we've kind of looked at itstrategically as when, whatpart of the year would it be best to have that down.
Okay.any other questions?go ahead, Commissioner Docken.
Can you explain geospatialelement?just kidding, mike.just kidding. I hadn't heard it before. You know, dennis always -- it'salways geometrics. But it sounds like it's going to help you guys out and simplifythings.so it looks like a good deal.
One nice thing is it's going to allow staff to do a lot morewith the same level of staffing. So it's got a lot of positives,and a lot of counties have already converted to the parcelfabric. I would estimate in 10 years,most will.
8:51 AMAnyone else have anyquestions for him?i guess not, so go ahead.is that all you need?
We need to vote.all those in favor of the motionon the floor, signify by sayingaye.
Aye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.i'm sorry.
Thank you.>> fran got me all flusteredhere.>> my fault.
Got to blame it on somebody.next is parks and facilitieswith jake rysavy.good morning, jake.
Good morning, commissioners.just one item today.that's the government servicesbuilding addition and renovation along with the courthousesecurity upgrades projectproposal from wold. Last week we updated the board on the space study and providedrecommendations on movingforward with the governmentservices building addition and renovation, along with thecourthouse security upgrades. With that update, we've seendesign concepts, costs, and a project schedule. And to keep these projectswithin the scheduled presentedlast week, wold has provided a design proposal in the amount of$570,000 plus reimbursables, tofinalize the most optimal layoutfor the government services building. And this also includes workingwith the sheriff's office todetermine the best approach for the single point entrance andsecurity screening at thecourthouse. Their proposal includes preparing bidding documents andcontract documents, along withconstruction administrationthroughout the project. I would like to recommend toapprove moving forward with thedesign and construction documentproposal with wold for the government services buildingaddition and renovation and thecourthouse security upgradesproject in the amount of $570,000, plus reimbursables.
8:53 AMOkay.>> i'll move for approval.>> okay, i've got a motion by Commissioner Miller.

8:53 AMAny discussion on this item?any discussion, gentlemen?i guess not. So all of those in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed?motion carried.
All right, thank you,commissioners.>> you bet.i guess it was well explained last week, so we'll move on fromthere. We've got the recorder with judyvanerp this morning. Good morning, judy.you don't bless us with yourpresence very often.
No, this is the first time. i'm here to get the approval touse compliance fund for ourdigital preservation of landrecords books. And it would be in the amount of$79,691.