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Digital Preservation of Land Records Books


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Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Dave Miller, County Board Member
SECONDER:Galen Malecha, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer, Jeff Docken


Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of CommissionersRegular Meeting

8:53 AMAny discussion on this item?any discussion, gentlemen?i guess not. So all of those in favor of the motion, signify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed?motion carried.
All right, thank you,commissioners.>> you bet.i guess it was well explained last week, so we'll move on fromthere. We've got the recorder with judyvanerp this morning. Good morning, judy.you don't bless us with yourpresence very often.
No, this is the first time. i'm here to get the approval touse compliance fund for ourdigital preservation of landrecords books. And it would be in the amount of$79,691.
8:54 AMI'll move for approval.>> second.

8:54 AMCommissioner Malecha.
I won't ask for you toexplain what the fund is, buthow much money is in that fund?
As of July 31st, there wasover $446,000.>> so more than the bill is.go ahead, Commissioner Bauer.
Thank you, Mr. Chair.so you'll be able to keep theserecords now at a different site,right?
8:55 AMMm-hmm.>> and where will that be?>> that's our site.that hasn't been determined yet.
I'm surprised that we didn'thave a backup like that before.>> well, we have microphonecards on another site. but there are still olderhistorical records that aren'tsaved.
Like microfilm?
Before the microfilm.>> okay, thanks.>> any other discussion?hearing none, all those in favor of the motion on the floor,signify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed, same sign. motion carried.than you very much.
Thank you.>> okay, auditor/treasurer with fran windschitl.
Good morning.i just have three items.the first item is i'm seeking adoption of resolution 17-042,and that's the approval toremove property from theforfeited sale list -- that's the 1004 central avenue property-- and in order to sell it tothe rice county hra for anauthorized pubic purpose. And the purpose was to transferthat to the hra.
8:56 AMResolution 17-042.>> second.

8:56 AMAll?hearing none, all those in favorof the motion on the floor,signify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.>> next item, i'm seeking your approval of adoption ofresolution 17-041, and that's aresolution for levying specialassessments on various rice county drainage systems. The terms of this would be -- wewould try to send out noticesthis week and allow people to pay balances up to -- I believeit's December 1st -- withoutinterest. And if it's under $100, we would bill. If they don't pay by thedecember 1st date, we would billthat in entirety if it's over $100, and we would spread it outover 5 years to make itaffordable.