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Adoption of Resolution #17-044/MnDOT Agreement No. 1028772




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MnDOT Agreement No. 1028772



WHEREAS, the County of Rice has applied to the Commissioner of Transportation for a grant from the Minnesota State Transportation Fund for construction of Bridge No. 66J72; and


WHEREAS, the Commissioner of Transportation has given notice that funding for this bridge is available; and


WHEREAS, the amount of the grant has been determined to be $81,852.50 by reason of the lowest responsible bid.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Rice County does hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the grant consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, subdivision 5, clause (3), and will pay any additional amount by which the cost exceeds the estimate, and will return to the Minnesota State Transportation Fund any amount appropriated for the bridge but not required.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the County Board Chairperson and County Administrator are hereby authorized to execute a grant agreement and any amendments with the Commissioner of Transportation concerning the above-referenced grant.



Dated this 12th day of September, 2017.


                                                                                    RICE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS





                                                                                   Jake Gillen, Chairperson







Sara Folsted, County Administrator




Meeting History

Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Galen Malecha, County Board Member
SECONDER:Dave Miller, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer, Jeff Docken


Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of CommissionersRegular Meeting

9:03 AMOrder of installation.
Probably all dried up nowbecause it just didn't rain fora week. okay, all those in favor of themotion on the floor, signify bysaying aye.
Opposed, same sign.motion carried.>> thank you.next up is resolution 17-044 and a mndot agreement number1028772. The resolution is required toapprove of the agreement for the state of minnesota dot money. That is bridge bonding dollarsthat is for our county road 90culvert, which I think is starting this week or next weekout in richland township. Just a bridge replacement. We awarded that contract I think two weeks ago. So this is part of mndot'sprocesses for receiving grantfunds. So I need approval of theresolution and the agreement.

9:04 AMI've got a motion bycommissioner malecha and asecond by Commissioner Miller.any discussion on this item? hearing none, all those in favorof the motion signify by sayingaye.
Opposed, same sign.motion carried.>> okay, next up is the packetof information I placed on your desks. And we have copies a the mediadesk here. There should be four handouts. I know you're excited to go overall page and every number onevery one. What you have there is the proposed 10-year plan. We went through this process ithink in march, and then inapril we had some discussions about updating the plan due tosome changing priorities andopportunities. So staff -- we put together a new 10-year draft. The four documents you shouldhave is a pie chart that talksabout the overall total funding and the breakdown of theprojects, about $76 million,which if you think about it,that's $7. 5 million a year, which is about $3 million ofsales tax per year and about $3million of our state aidconstruction revenue, plus some bridge bond dollars, somefederal aid projects, and somecost shares with other agencies. So it's a pretty good average. Another document is 11x17 map. And we've blown it up here andput it on the poster board to myright. It just shows the projectcolor coded by year. You've seen that before. The thicker handout is the spreadsheet year by year ofprojects, funding sources,nature of projects, so to speak. And then I also included a list of projects not programmed. I haven't show that for a coupleyears, but I thought it was goodto throw it in there. There's still more work to do,obviously, and as you know it'sjust very expensive to maintaina 431-mile system. So a lot of information inthere. What i'd also like to do is atthe end of the discussion is certainly talk about setting therequired public hearing. We've looked at the calendar,and we believe that October 24th would be a good date for us. And we would have a formalpresentation at that point, openthe podium up to public comments. And so with that preface, idon't know -- i'm certainlycomfortable talking about any project or any year. What I did in the spreadsheet isidentify major changes that wehad talked about in April of this year. We added county road 76extension in 2019. We're proposing to grade and reconstruct, if you will, twomiles of that road. I've highlighted that in red. We will have some designation changes. We're going to have to convertthat over to a state aid route. And that will require some other steps by the board. We've had some discussion aboutthat as a group, and some otherdiscussion in transportation committee. Following that addition in 2019and 2020, we'll complete thateast frontage road. So that's in there in thefollowing year in red. There's a couple projects we'recontemplating with faribault, and we've talked about thefairgrounds need some work. And we interjected a project forcounty road 94 in morristown as part of ongoing discussionabout a transfer of ownership ofthat road. And what is brand new would be the last year, 2027. When we met earlier this year,we were talking about thiscalendar year. So we've added another year tothat. But I would certainly stand forany questions. Or if you want some more detail,we can go in it. I would point out that thebridge that we're starting next week is the last bridge that'scurrently eligible. We do program some bridges inthe 10-year plan. Right now, they are not eligiblefor replacement. But they're certainly on ourradar, and we're taking steps to prepare plans for them so thatwhen they become eligible forfunding, we'll be ready to go. Any questions from the board? You provided all thatpaperwork for them, and there'stoo short of time to --
9:09 AMWell, there's nothing else on the agenda to consume your time. I know that. It's all there. And certainly you know how to get ahold of us if you have anyquestions. We have a transportationcommittee next week, so we'll be reviewing any comments wereceived and looking at that andprobably firming that up for thepresentation to the public in october, if that's what youchoose.
Do we have to set the publichearing today?
I think that would beappropriate if you'recomfortable with that.it gives us time certainly next week and up until october.
We need a motion for that?>> October 24th and 9 o'clock iswhat we had looked at.
Okay.>> so moved.>> i've got a motion bycommissioner miller.

9:09 AMAll?i guess he'll be back from hisbig vacation. So I said I shouldn't publicize that, but I did. But anyhow, all those in favorof the motion on the floor,signify by saying aye.
9:10 AMAye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.>> thank you. last item for your considerationis adopting resolution 17-043. That's a transportation economicdevelopment infrastructure program application. So deed has an opportunity forus to solicit for funding. We're putting together an application for $500,000 grantto help us offset costs ofreconstructing county road 76 inthe year 2019. That grant is due this friday. I want to thank the city offaribault and thank sarah andkathy.