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Adoption of Resolution #17-045/Toward Zero Death (TZD) Grant Agreement


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WHEREAS, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety provides funding to law enforcement agencies to conduct enhanced traffic enforcement in Rice County through the funding of the Toward Zero Death (TZD) grant program; and


WHEREAS, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety has established these funds to support law enforcement to promote and enforce traffic safety projects; and


WHEREAS, Rice County is eligible to receive $31,950.00 in grant funding for participation in the TZD grant program; and


WHEREAS, Sheriff Troy Dunn, or an authorized designated representative of the Sheriff’s Office, is hereby authorized to execute such agreements and amendments as are necessary to implement the project on behalf of the Rice County Sheriff’s Office and to be the fiscal agent and administer the grant.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Rice County Board of Commissioners hereby authorize the Rice County Sheriff’s Office to enter into a grant agreement, Toward Zero Death (TZD), with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, for traffic safety enforcement projects during the period from October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.



Dated this 12th day of September, 2017.



                                                                                    RICE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS





                                                                                    Jake Gillen, Chairperson







Sara Folsted, County Administrator


Meeting History

Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Jeff Docken, County Board Member
SECONDER:Dave Miller, County Board Member
AYES:Jake Gillen, Galen Malecha, Dave Miller, Steve Bauer, Jeff Docken


Sep 12, 2017 8:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of CommissionersRegular Meeting

9:16 AMOfficers out on the streets,specifically for law enforcementand traffic enforcement. So just this past saturday, we had two deputies working a tzdshift, and it was fortunate thatwe did, because we had twoalcohol-related crashes that tied up the deputies for quite awhile. And had we not had those twodeputies working traffic enforcement, that would haveleft one deputy on the road tocover for calls, or we wouldhave had to call people in. So this is a great program thatlets us go out and focusstrictly on traffic enforcementand dwi-related enforcements. So i'd ask that you approve thisagreement.
9:17 AMSo moved to approveresolution 17-045.
I'll second.>> okay, i've got a motion fromcommissioner docken and a secondfrom Commissioner Miller. any discussion on this item atall?commissioner docken.

9:17 AMThis May be just a little bitoff the subject, but itcertainly would be toward zerodeaths. And the legislature has talkedin the past and they never canseem to get beyond this handsfree. And I don't quite understand it. In my driving, every single timei come to faribault, it justabsolutely amazes me what people are doing with their phone. So why is that such a hurdle atthe state level, when some ofthe dumb things they do seem to pass without a problem?i just would really like to knowwhat it would take to have thatdone. In my opinion, i've done thissince the first hands-free sethas come, I don't even take myphone out of my pocket. It's one button is what theywant you to be able to answer. There's virtually no callingout, no texting, no nothing. And that gives you the authorityto have some teeth in stoppingsomebody for doing it. So what's the obstacle?
9:18 AMI honestly can't answer that.i've voiced my support for it inthe past with legislators andrepresentatives. and I think along with thathands-free bill, it should besomething similar to, you know,with gpses, because people are using their phones as gpses. I recently stopped a person andthey had their phone in theirhand, using their gps, their head down as they went through abusy intersection. And we had numerous drivingcomplaints. So I think it's still going tobe a distraction, but at leastif you have it in a cradle oraffixed to your dash or somewhere in your car, at leastyour head's up. And I agree, I think thehands-free where you don't even have the phone in there. My wife travels a lot, and shesees it a lot, where people --everybody's hands are up, and if they're doing anything,it's maybe eating or somethingelse, which can still be adistraction. So people are just -- I thinkpeople just need to rememberwhen they're in their car, theirnumber one priority is to drive that car and make sure thatthey're driving it safely andthat they're keeping theirattention on those things.
9:20 AMIt's the same thing with gpson your phone.i mean, if you have a hands-freeset, it's telling you. you don't even have to look atthe phone. It's saying, you know, turnright in 500 feet.
You should be looking at theroad estimating where that is.>> I guess it's just -- youknow.
I will definitely bring it upto the sheriff's association atour board meeting and i'll askjohn to do the same with the county attorney's association. Because I think it needs a lotof people's support andhopefully the senate and the representatives will hear usthis time and do something.so I appreciate your comment.
The same thing there with that police officer that waskilled on the freeway there onwhat, saturday?
I said, the only thing thatwoman was looking for with allthe doggone cop cars that wereon the road, right there where it happened, she was onlylooking for a hole to getthrough. She didn't see nothing on the road, even if she was sevensheets to the wind or whatnot. But she could see that there was-- but she couldn't see the man on the road, but she could seethere was a hole. And she would've went into theditch if she had to, because she wasn't stopping. That was the dumbest thing iever saw. I thought, my god, you got that many cop cars on the road, youshould have saw it a milebefore, because their lights areall -- I said it just gets you -- you can't stop, I said, whenyou get into that rut. So all those in favor of themotion on the floor, signify by saying aye.
9:21 AMAye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.
Thank you, commissioners.>> you got it.so administration, ms. sarafolsted. consent agenda.
Under administration, i'mgoing to start with item b,because there are some items related to this in the consentagenda, so we should take thisitem first. Item b is a reclassification of positions for theauditor/treasurer's office. And I know there was a littlebit of public confusion in our reorganization that we weregoing from one position to threenew positions, when what we'redoing is creating the cfo to replace the auditor/treasurerposition, and then those otherduties were reassigned to twoexisting staff positions. So they weren't new positions,but two current individualstaking on some additionalresponsibility. So we reviewed this in personnelcommittee, and we recommendapproval of the reclassificationof those two positions. They'd be the ones currentlyheld by annette peters and jodywagner.
9:22 AMSo moved.
Second.>> okay, i've got a motion bycommissioner malecha and asecond by Commissioner Miller. any discussion on this item atall?

9:22 AMSignify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.
9:23 AMThank you.and then we'll go back up now tothe consent agenda, consistingof extra time/overtime report, personnel appointments, paymentof bills, and some minnesotalawful gambling exempt permitapplications.
So move for approval.>> second.>> i've got a motion bycommissioner bauer and a second by Commissioner Docken. Any discussion on this item? Seeing none, all those in favorof the motion, signify by saying aye.
Aye.>> opposed, same sign.motion carried.
Okay, and then item c iscontinuation from last weeksetting the preliminary 2018 nettax levy. and we are recommending approvalof what turned out to be a 5. 89%increase over last year's levy. It'll be resolution 17-046.