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Sep 5, 2017 8:30 AM  Board of Commissioners Work Session

Highway Engineer Dennis Luebbe presented the Board with an update of the CSAH 1 Reconstruction Project from TH 3 to TH 246 in the Northfield/Dundas/Bridgewater Heights area. This project is programmed for 2018. Bridgewater Township has requested that the County include changing the natural drainage pattern on the east end of the CSAH 1 reconstruction project. The request is driven by flood control efforts that the Township has undertaken in the adjacent Spring Creek Floodplain and tributary drainage areas. An analysis of the impacts of the request has been completed. It is estimated that additional right-of-way and construction related costs will be approximately $258,200 to accommodate the request. Construction of the requested improvements doesn’t have to be included with the 2018 road project. Discussion was held relative to the cost/benefits of the request, as well as the proceeding/denying of the request as part of the 2018 road project.