I. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
B. Reading of Notice
C. Approval of Agenda
D. Minutes of Aug 10, 2017 8:00 PM
II. Old Business
III. New Business
1. DOC-2017-191 : Variance / Chadderdon - Section 34, Forest Township
a. Staff report 06 34 Chadderdon setback variances
b. Wide photo
c. Mid photo
d. Close photo
e. Chadderdon Variance
2. DOC-2017-192 : Variance / Hogan - Section 25, Shieldsville Township
a. Staff Report 09 25 Hogan replacement home
b. Wide
c. mid
d. close
e. Hogan Variance
3. DOC-2017-193 : Variance / Bodensteiner - Section 13, Shieldsville Township
a. 09131 Bodensteiner V
b. wide
c. Mid
d. close
e. Chappuis Variance
MN DOT - No significant impact
IV. Other
V. Adjournment